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03 September 2005 @ 06:23 pm
Katrina was one scary assed bitch, but my family and I are blessed - our lives and homes are all okay. I'm still without power and while that's miserable in this heat, we are so, so blessed.
Thank the lord we are not having the incredible tragedy and disgusting things that are going on in New Orleans. Please y'all, please know that the looters and bastards that are behaving so atrociously in New Orleans are NOT representative of all New Orleanians. I am deeply shamed and appalled by these thug's behavior and that this is what people of the world are seeing of us.
Thank you Mindy for your phone call, and to all of you for emailing me. This is the first time I've been online since the hurricane hit. I'm at my aunt's, in the air-conditioning, counting my blessings, and praying for all of the many, many victims who's lives have been shatttered. At work this week, we've been helping families, evacuees from New Orleans as well as Gulf Port. Please keep them all in your prayers.
27 May 2005 @ 10:32 pm
What's on my desktop?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Click for 1024x768 version

This is the beautiful "Polish Wedding" art by Em. Love the movie, and the art is so pretty and summery, perfect for this time of year.
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27 May 2005 @ 11:22 am
awakencordy made some great caps of Before the Flood, and I added the Irina ones. Aw, the more I look at the caps and clips the more moved I am by those final scenes. *sniff*
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22 May 2005 @ 10:15 pm
Made a clip of the Alias/Lost promo that ran during Desperate Housewives tonight. Very brief Lena scenes, one with the quote, and the other (blink and you'll miss it) where it appears she hits either Syd or Nadia. Looks like a good and dark ep!
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21 May 2005 @ 12:59 pm
Hey, thank to Rands and her super helpful instructions, I was able to make video clips of the Irina scenes from Wed. night's ep and upload them to my site! Can you believe it Kris - I finally figured out the real media thing! *snoochies to you and rands!*
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04 May 2005 @ 01:15 pm
And the award for most embarrassing, over the top performance of the year goes to......
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15 April 2005 @ 08:23 pm
Roles reversed. Had a scare when I thought I lost my dad in the Office Depot today. One minute I'm perusing the blank disks aisle with dad right by me; next thing I know he's nowhere to be seen.

I walked all over that store three times. No sign of him. Panic was starting to set in. How the hell am I going to explain this to my sister, "uh, Lisa I lost dad."

Finally I find him! He had gone to the restroom in the back. Why on earth didn't he tell me first! Geez. Way to give me a heart attack.
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25 March 2005 @ 03:16 pm
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEB! May you have many drillings this year! (that sounded sorta pervy!)

Spring has sprung, so much so that the yard badly needed attention. Ooof. Yardwork kicked my ass but good. I'm already sore. I think I'll reward myself with margaritas tonight. :)
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23 March 2005 @ 02:24 pm
This is turning out to be a banner day!! Not only do we get news that Lena is returning for the season finale (OMG!!!!), but I got my new computer today!!!!

*does Snoopy dance*

My old pc was on it's last leg - it was so outdated and had the puniest of hard drives. So last weekend I was shopping for a new one, and found a really good deal on a Dell from my local computer shop. I was supposed to wait til Sat. to go pick it up, but I went today instead, and y'all, I'm so pee-my-pants happy!!And relieved. I had to hook it all up and I get SO nervous doing stuff like that. But it went well, and here I am speeding along. :D

I've got a cd/dvd burner - not a clue how to use it but it's gonna be so fun to learn!

*does another Snoopy dance*
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21 March 2005 @ 11:21 pm
Ta-daaaaaa! To celebrate this special day, the uber-talented krisnreine has created the most brilliant video, 50 Years of Lena Olin!

It's just the most beautiful, moving, and heartfelt tribute to such a fantastic woman.

I'm really at a loss for words.

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